Running your Payroll administration easily in the cloud? Then Rainbow is THE SOLUTION for you! Do you want to easily run your salary administration in the cloud?

Your salary administration is at your fingertips!

You can completely managed your salary administration in the cloud -(on the internet)- with Rainbow. This method gives you 24/7 access through the internet to your information on a low cost. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the management, security or infrastructure, because we manage those concerns completely for you!

You can get started right away!

With Rainbow you have a standard payroll system with a minimum set up. By default, Rainbow has an extensive number of payroll codes.  Hierdoor kunt u als gebruiker na het aanmaken van werknemers al meteen aan de slag. Uiteraard is het ook mogelijk zelf looncodes aan te maken. De looncodes worden gekoppeld aan een grootboeknummer, zodat er al direct na de salarisverwerking een juiste journaalpost gegenereerd kan worden. This allows you to start working as a user after creating employees. Of course, it is also possible to create custom wage codes. The wage codes are linked to a ledger number, so that a correct journal entry can be generated immediately after the salary processing.

With Rainbow you save time and money!

Wage mutations can be imported easily or quickly. Employees can view their payslip online or receive it per e-mail. Rainbow works 100% according to Surinamese laws and regulations.
In addition to payroll lines, bank lists, payroll records, payroll tax and monthly returns can be generated.

Rainbow is user-friendly!

Installation is not required, you can. We get started right away! Rainbow is always up-to-date. Changes to tax legislation are automatically taken into account in the salary calculation. Updates take place regularly and free of charge. We answer all your questions and assist you with any payroll issue.

A correct salary processing is guaranteed, thanks to our check-ups!

Our payroll software has different check-ups. The salary processing is classified in different statuses, namely:

  • Pre-calculation;
  • Correction calculation;
  • Closed period.

Each status generates a set of reports  that can be used for checking. At a glance, you have a view into labor costs using a cost and journal entry analysis. Crucial mistakes can be avoided and a correct salary processing is guaranteed! The status register allows  you to compare payroll calculations of two periods. You’ll see the differences between, for example: the current period and the previous period.

Not only an overview of the salary can be managed, but also the leave and absenteeism of your employees!

Rainbow offers the opportunity to keep track of a simple leave and sick leave administration. Wouldn’t it be interesting to present these type of leaves?

What is Rainbow?

Rainbow is a Human Resource Management (HRM) software that improves the workflow of the HR department in a company. Rainbow contains all the necessary functionalities of an HR software package.


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