Basic employee information
Employment data
Wage (hourly wage or period wage)
Family composition
Multi Currency
Multi Administrationa of Companies
Various processing cycles
Tax statements
Export of payment lists for the banks
Wage components

HR Basic

Basic employee information
Employment data
Wage (hourly wage or period wage)
Family composition
Disciplinary action
Contract administration
Standard letters for contract administration
Job evaluation (Hay score, Class step, Periodics, bandwidth)
Job Groups & Steps
Re-classification (Promotions, Transfers, Demotions)
Wage adjustment

Time Attendance

Shift planning and standard work schedules
Link with various Time Attendance Systems
Leave request
Processing time clock


Job description
Organization structire
Personnel planning
Job Applicants & Job Applications
(Automatic) Selection of Candidates both Internal and External
Treatment of selected candidates
Employee qualifications (Competency Management)

Performance Management

Scheduling interviews
Performance appraisals (Goal setting)
Assessment interviews
Competency management

Learning & Development

Training requirement (qualifications including requirements, results)
Training plan
Training activity
Training institutions
Competency Management
Career planning

Employee Benefits

Medical expenses declaration
Travel expense claim
Amenities (medical, etc.)

Self Service Portal

Request payslip
Request leave
Request wage statement

Environmental, Health and Safety

Incidents registration & handling
Evaluation & improvement plans

What is Rainbow?

Rainbow is a Human Resource Management (HRM) software that improves the workflow of the HR department in a company. Rainbow contains all the necessary functionalities of an HR software package.


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