Rainbow is a HR solution, initially marketed by i-Frontier, (before named as iPay and iEmployee). In 2019 Blu Dots Technology has taken over the rights of Rainbow HR solution.

Blu Dots Technology has offered various products, including:

  • Payroll software “iPay”
  • HR software “iEmployee”

Blu Dots Technology has decided to extend the system to an ERP system and link to inventory and finance management. It has also been decided to re-brand the new name “Rainbow”. Rainbow Payroll and Rainbow HRM are leading payroll and HR information systems in Suriname. In 2017, Rainbow will also make its entry to Curaçao and other islands of the former Netherlands Antilles.

Rainbow Payroll and Rainbow HRM
Rainbow Payroll and Rainbow HRM ar part of RAINBOW ERP.

  • Our vision of a Human Resource Solution is to create self-consciousness through involvement and participation. Not only is the organization responsible for the well-being and growth, but also every employee or person directly and indirectly linked to the organization needs to be aware of their responsibilities.
  • The Human Resource policy provides an infinite loop of achievements and further growth of the organization. That’s why the policy is not static, but dynamic and needs to be adjusted as the organization and the Human Resource develops.
  • The collaboration, communication and flow of information within all the processes between employees of every level, is in our HR Solution of high importance.
  • Our solution brings people together to reach and achieve collective goals.
  • Our HR solution consists of several modules. One database that keeps all employee related data together, but can be separated upon the business rules, organization structure and/or tasks, activities carried out and responsibilities of the employees.
  • The HR solution we provide works with the concept that everybody in an organization is an employee. Thus, primarily the focus is on the employee. That’s why Rainbow is a selfservice portal and can provide and assist employees, supervisors and HR Officers to access all necessary information. Every employee within the organization hierarchy is and can be a user and is part of HR solution. Furthermore, employees have certain responsibilities which reflect in the different processes based upon roles and activities assigned to them.
  • The solution is not only a registration of information, but also focuses on the return on investment of every Human Resource in regards to their responsibilities.
  • Our application, which support the solution is user-friendly and flexible. It can be implemented in small to large organizations who want to have a Human Resource Policy in place. From the basis registration, keeping track of the performance, developing the skills and rewarding employees will be simple and easy to manage and mirror with our solution.
  • The full integrated database provides the necessary managerial and operational reports needed to give and have an overview of your Human Resource data in the past, present and future. All data is kept historically and is never deleted. Adhoc data reporting is possible with the chosen technology.


Blu Dots Technology is a leading ICT company in Suriname with about 20 employees. Blu Dots Technology is a partner of Oracle, Decos, Microsoft, IBM en SAP.

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About Rainbow Payroll

Rainbow is the new name of a set of packages, initially marketed by
i-Frontier, which is: an upgrade of iEmployee and iPay.


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