Standard for > 25 employees

(also available for customers with < 25 employees on request)

Custom (secured) application

https://[company name] or https://[companyURL]/rainbow
(for this option, the SSL certificate fee is not included)

The customer gets its own server

Data is separated

The possibility to portion of the URL

e.g.: only available through company location or IP addresses.

No additional licensing costs

No maintenance contract required

Support contract or support on call

Click on the button below for a quotation request for a Dedicated Hosting Package.

What is Rainbow?

Rainbow is a Human Resource Management (HRM) software that improves the workflow of the HR department in a company. Rainbow contains all the necessary functionalities of an HR software package.


Address: Henck Arronstraat 16
Paramaribo-Suriname (SA)
Phone: +597 424073
+597 424093

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